American Psycho The Music-Al
On Broadway at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre


What’s black and white and red all over?  Well,  if you happen to be in theatre district, then that would be American Psycho, the brand new musical on Broadway.  Patrick Bateman is seeing red, and from the explosive beginning to surprise ending you will be thoroughly entertained.

Anyone who knows me with tell you that I don’t get excited by hot looking, ripped guys walking around in their tighty whities, but I did develop a curious fascination with Patrick Bateman (Benjamin Walker)  the charming and magnetic  27 year old wall street mergers and acquisitions (or is that murders and executions) banker.  He seems to have it all.... money, success, a beautiful and socially status-fied girlfriend Evelyn (Helene Yorke), but when his alter ego appears we find he has curious obsession with horror flicks and an insatiable hunger for blood and is living on the edge of fantasy and reality.  Patrick and his Ivy League entourage are a pretentious bunch. It’s the 1980’s in New York City, and it’s all about social status, expensive apartments, clubbing and dining at only the most exclusive places.  The money is literally falling from the sky.  No one knows that Patrick is living a secret life of a serial killer,  and even you are going to think you know him, but you are going to have to wait for it.

This show has so much going for it.  Start with the music by Duncan Sheik (and others).  There is a mix of some classics of the day like 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World'  and an eclectic array of newly crafted songs that give off a sexy techno vibe, and blend together perfectly with the robotic movements (Lynne Page) dynamic lighting (Justin Townsend) and projections (Finn Ross).  The choreography was made up of mechanical, energetic and funky movements that were  fresh but still brought the feeling of dance in the day.

The set (Es Devlin) is a sleek and stunning canvas that transforms smoothly from office, to apartment, to nightclub.  There are two spinning areas on the left and right that gently glide people and objects on and off of the stage, and a trap door in the center of the floor that does the same.  A mostly white palette gives a museum like backdrop to the color red which dramatically increases your senses and provide a sterile and clean canvas to display the couture wardrobe (Katrina Linsday) of this beautifully sculpted cast and a bold contrast to all the blood.
I know this all might sound very scary, but despite some loud sound effects at the beginning and end that will make you jump,  you  will find more humor and delight in this than anything else.  You will laugh as you would at a B  rated horror flick but there is nothing low budget about this production. An extraordinary ensemble cast in voice and movement were the perfect compliment to Walker’s ‘killer’ performance.   It’s new, it’s different, it’s edgy and strange all wrapped up in a beautiful body bag.   Don’t get sold out.  For tickets and more information visit and check my website for available discounts here -ThisbroadSway