On Broadway at The Music Box

I am so in love with this musical, that instead of a blog, I thought I would just write a letter, so here goes:

Dear Evan Hansen,

I think you are really cute.  I know you have not had it easy.  Your father left when you were just a young boy.  Your mom loves you so much, but is working so hard and has difficulty managing her time.   You should be surrounded by friends because you are really special, but you are very shy and have a hard time talking to people.  I’m glad you are seeing a doctor and taking meds to get better.    The inspiring letter you wrote to yourself at your Doctors suggestion was very good.  I’m sorry that Connor Murphy took it from you, and pushed you, and that you were humiliated that he had to see that you liked his sister Zoe.  Who would have guessed that Connor was so unhappy with his own life he would have committed suicide that very night?  I understand how difficult it was for you to tell the truth when his family found your letter in his pocket.   They were so distraught and your letter and the thought that Connor had such a special friend were they only good thing they had to cling to.   They became the family you always longed for.   A mom that had time for you and the father you never had.  You even got the girl (Zoe) eventually.   You went from invisible to being the most popular guy is school overnight because of this letter.  Jared probably was not your best friend (which we knew anyway), when he helped falsify all of those emails between you and Connor, but you were making the family so happy and creating memories for them they otherwise would have never had. You might say that you got them through their mourning period and maybe it was enough before everything came crashing down as we knew the truth would eventually be exposed.  In the end, you may have lost the Murphy family and Zoe, but you found yourself Evan.   This was the most important thing of all.

Love Always,
-ThisbroadSway 11/18/16

P.S.  About your broken arm.   Please have many more happy days at the apple orchard, but recall the lesson you learned from all of this, and make sure that you never let go again.  


When I look at Ben Platt in this character, I can’t help but recall Alexander Sharp’s Tony Award winning performance in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time.  I even thought to nickname this show 'The Curious Incident of Connor Murphy'. Where the mold is broken here is not only does Ben Platt put on an exquisite and convincing dramatic display, but he sings the emotional and moving score with all of his heart and soul with a unique voice that hits these beautiful high notes.  Laura Dreyfuss is simply beautiful and sweet in the role of Zoe, and a formidable vocal match for Platt.  The sounds they create together seep into your core and fill you up until you can take no more and then they release in the form of a watery substance that flows from your eyes.  

The set (David Korins) goes from modern day conventional to high tech with long screens used to project photos and other key communications of the production and it’s a visual wonder.  

Dear Evan Hansen is an original musical directed by MichaelGreif.  The story by Steven Levenson along with a perfectly matched score by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul will leave you emotionally drained and strangely euphoric at the same time.  Ben Platt and this stellar supporting cast make this ‘THE’ musical not to miss this season.  For tickets and more information visit the show website    You can also check my website for lottery and rush information here, as discounts are not available at this time.

Complete Cast:
Ben Platt as Evan Hansen
Laura Dreyfuss as Zoe Murphy
Rachel Bay Jones as Heidi Hansen
Jennifer Laura Thompson as Cynthia Murphy
Mike Faist as Connor Murphy
Michael Park as Larry Murphy
Will Roland as Jared Kleinman
Kristolyn Lloyd as Alana Beck