I Of The Storm 

Off Broadway at The Gym at Judson


Richard Koehler is the “I” in the I Of The Storm, and RJ Bartholomew is the ‘he’ that wrote it and ‘me’ is the person that is sitting in the audience mesmerized by this head spinning journey through life in rhyme and reason directed by ​Janice L. Goldberg.

We never do find out the name of the main character in this one man show, except he is the “I”.   It’s a beautiful morning in a park, possibly Central Park in NYC.  “I” is a bit unkempt,   and we soon learn that he his homeless.  He once had a wife, and a big fancy job in brokerage, but lost them both when he was arrested and sent to prison for two years for money crimes.  You might say he lost everything, but this is not a story about loss.   “I” learns after all is stripped away, that he really was held hostage in his old life.  Now he is free to listen, to smell, to taste, and to understand the truth of life and what pure goodness lies underneath all of the worldly things we are brainwashed to believe.  

​You see “I” is a poet a heart.  He started writing again in prison, a light in the darkness.  Now back in the free world he considers giving it all up until he meets someone who will change his life.  Mara, who he calls Mars.  She calls him Pops, and tells him ‘creator’s gotta create even if nobody’s listening or everyone shouts you down...you gotta be the I of the Storm’. 

This middle aged man, metaphorically speaking,  tells his story in a series of beautifully written whimsical monologues  and urban rhymes that will bring you on a complete emotional journey.  He sporadically breaks out in song, or dance and repeats words or phrases in multiple languages, just for the fun of it.   He removes articles of clothing as the story progresses and I couldn’t help seeing this as symbolic peeling away the layers of his former life.  In a moment of pure truth he delivers the profound words  “It doesn’t matter anymore if I have what I want, only that I want what I have”.

Your panacea awaits.  I of The Storm is insightful, clever and witty and Richard Hoehler delivers these words of wisdom in  meticulous form only through October 29, 2017.   It’s 75 minutes of pure delight. For tickets and more information visit https://www.thegymatjudson.com/now  and visit my website for available discounts here.  -ThisbroadSway 9/28/2017

A note about Richard Hoehler:  He is the founder of Acting Out, a professional acting class for at-risk youths and the incarcerated with residencies at Otisville State Prison and The Fortune Society.  Learn more about Richard at his website